Research Results of scientific studies about effects of natural approaches and a natural antioxidant compounds in treatment of cancer.

At this page we will describe results of scientific studies about the effects of antioxidant compounds used with the regular treatments or cancer.We just started this page in english, so there is not too much available yet, but if you understand Dutch you can find much more research results at the page and nutrition research. We will apply new regular information translated from the Dutch found new pages or information.

Maybe it's interesting to take a look under bibliography where Valstar doctor gives a list of more then 700 randomized trials about the effect of antioxidant compounds used with the regular treatment of all kind of different types of cancer. Some are written in Dutch but the references are mentioned in english and maybe you can find them at english web sites. Most of them you can find for example in the book Nutritional Oncology from David Heber, George L. Blackburn and Vay Liang W. Go et al. Published by Academic Press London. Or take a look at the web site of Medline where a lot of studies are mentioned either.

Here in this background information about Methylglyoxal articles.

A few words from us and a warning

In India researchers did a study with 24 terminal cancer patients (all different child or ovariancancer like cancer, mouth and throath cancer, colon cancer breast cancer etc. with a mixture of methylglyoxal and five vitamins C and vitamin B. The results are very remarkable as you can read in the study report at this page. Here in the Netherlands we are trying to arrange a trial or more child or a child or group of terminal cancer patients to undergo this treatment following the protocol as described in the study report. We also have a personal contact with Dr. . Manju Ray and already some people in the Netherlands started at their own risk with this treatment. One man with incurable lungcancer is doing very well with this treatment we will follow him and how he will do the next months. But at least we can say that the cancer stopped growing, or not, we will definitely know in the future. A warning, this man got seven / eight weeks after he started with the methylglyoxal high fever, (41degrees) stopped for one week with the methylglyoxal but started again and since then he seems to get better.

Dated may 2002: we can add that the man with lungcancer stopped for two months now with the methylglyoxal because he wants to see what is the effect of stopping with Methylglyoxal. But other people started with the treatment of methylgyoxal. We start next week (june 2002) with a page at this site where anonymous people can write their experiences with the treatment of methylglyoxal. So if you want to add your information there and you're welcome send us your story and experiences to this e-mail address. It will be placed anonymous and nothing will be given to other people or organizations or used for other publications. It all stays secret.

We mention this study because this treatment is done at a well respected university (last century they won two Nobel prices) and without any commercial interest. No business is involved. Everybody can do this treatment for less then 6 U.S. dollars a day (prices for the Dutch needed methylglyoxal in every farmacy to buy the vitamins and free to buy everywhere). And the vitamins C and B seems to suppress the toxicity which normally happens when methylglyoxal is used. Also the critic which was written in The Hindu (see also at this page) that no ohter or in vitro studies with animals has been done is not true. In the study report are all the in vitro and in vivo studies with animals mentioned and all with the same spectacular results then in the study with the 24 terminal patients.

But we will give a warning beside our disclaimer that using this treatment is at your own risk and please consult a physician before or oncoloog to assure yourself of help and support will happen and when thre severe side effects you can get the help you need. Though beside the high fever no other severe side effects are mentioned in the study report and also the people who started with the methylglyoxal do not mention any severe side effects.

As soon as we know more we will mention this at this site. But if you know more or have something to say about the methylglyoxal please contact us. We are really interested in any experience with this methylglyoxal. So we can help others with your experiences ..