April 2005: Mr. B. his cancer is back and he seems progressively resistant to methylglyoxal. Now being treated by Dr. Vogl. May 31, 2005, Mr. B. in peace to sleep.

May 31, 2005: Mr. B. is now in peace in front of his wife and children asleep.

April 5, 2005: Mr. B. his situation has deteriorated rapidly in a few months. After the end of December for the first time the tumor markers went up again, he complained of pain in his loins, and then some suspicious spots on the liver were detected during a scan confirmed the end of January a second opinion from Dr. Vogl in Frankfurt by its very small liver tumors are visible and growing. However, in the abdominal lymph nodes were found in December have not grown, but a last scan last week showed that at least one lymph node it has grown 2 cm. In one years time, and against his kidneys down what the pain in his back and loins caused. In consultation with his Dutch oncologist was decided that a TACE = Trans-Arterial Chemo Embolisation to perform with Dr. Vogl. Meanwhile two treatments behind us and the initial results seem positive effect on the liver. However, the lymph nodes do not seem to be included in the treatment and these now seem to grow. Next week Mr. B. for the third treatment to Frankfurt. However, there will be some pressure on the lymph node on the kidney must happen because that Mr. B. has pain and can be very poor sleep. Mr. B. was at the suggestion of Dutch orthomolecular medical oncologist and two months ago when the treatment began with Dr. Vogl stopped to methylglyoxal. Dr. Manju Ray told us that she had never heard of resistance to methylglyoxal, but apparently that Mr. B. is now fulfilling the order. Dr. Vogl was very surprised at the physical and mental condition of Mr. B. and the very long time of good will after the diagnosis in January 2001. He said letterljk because I was there: "I do not know what is or what additional methylgyoxal did your life but it has certainly prolonged. But we will extend your life a little more, because I think I may have some help. I can do better but unfortunately not. "

Let's hope Dr. Vogl and his Dutch oncologist who helps Mr. B may very well continue to support an adequate pallaitieve care.